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Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm

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Key Features:

  • Protects & Heals Tattoo Skin
  • Soothes Skin & Reduces Itching
  • Adds Natural Glow to Tattoo
  • Fantastic Organic Fragrance

Made to protect and heal tattoo skin. Beeswax and Shea Butter keep the Tattoo and skin soft, moisturized and glowing. It soothes the itching and helps the skin heal faster. Made with totally organic ingredients to protect your skin and keep the tattoo vibrant.


Take a small amount of the Balm in your thumb and index finger and apply gently all over your Tattoo and massage to help it absorb.

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Fragrance Oil

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