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Wooden Beard Comb

Wooden Beard Comb

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Key Features:

Pocket Sized

Ideal for Beard & Moustache


Reduces Split Ends


Brahma Bull’s Wooden Combs are the finest on the market. Unlike a typical molded plastic comb, our combs are handmade. Each comb tooth is sawcut, then the overall comb is finished by skilled craftsmen which gives it a buttery smooth finish and helps prevent split ends. The teeth are specifically rounded to avoid unnecessary irritation ensuring that you get the very best experience from each use. The two widths to the teeth allow you close control for even the most demanding styles. 


The size of the comb allows you to have a comb on hand (or in pocket) anywhere and anytime. It can be used by anyone- men, women, kids, everyone. Simply the best wooden combs for your hair or beard.

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